Suburban Permaculture 20 miles from Washington DC


The Winter Quail Condo

The Winter Quail Condo

Some birds fly south for the winter, my quail take a short trip to the garage and spend winter in the Quail Condo.  It’s a 4-tier setup with each level having water, food, dust bath, free choice oyster shell. This was all custom built by me and my laughable carpentry skills!  The garage is unheated but it stays above freezing.

The design starts with the cement mixing tubs which are cheap and easy to get at any big box store.  I fill the tubs with wood shavings and they catch the quail droppings and lock up any smell. About every 2 weeks I slide the tub out, dump in the compost, refill with some wood shavings, so easy!   There are 6 quail (5 females, 1 male) on each level. read more

Raising Quail In The Suburbs

Raising Quail In The Suburbs

Why Quail?  I wanted fresh eggs!  Quail better than chickens? Absolutely!  I’m slightly biased, but here’s why:

They are quiet, really quiet – I live in the suburbs and can’t be upsetting neighbors

They start producing eggs in just 6 weeks vice 6 months for chickens

The eggs are smaller, about 4 Quail eggs for each chicken egg but quail eggs pack more nutrition than chicken eggs (a topic of hot debate!)

They are super docile and will not peck or spur you read more

Quail Tractor

My Backyard Quail Tractor