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Raising Quail In The Suburbs

Why Quail?  I wanted fresh eggs!  Quail better than chickens? Absolutely!  I’m slightly biased, but here’s why:

  • They are quiet, really quiet – I live in the suburbs and can’t be upsetting neighbors

  • They start producing eggs in just 6 weeks vice 6 months for chickens

  • The eggs are smaller, about 4 Quail eggs for each chicken egg but quail eggs pack more nutrition than chicken eggs (a topic of hot debate!)

  • They are super docile and will not peck or spur you

  • If you are producing for meat, they take about a minute to skin and clean, its crazy fast and easy, particularly for folks new to this sort of thing.

My backyard Quail Tractor. They get to scratch for bugs and eat grass, weeds and fertilize the lawn, then I drag the quail tractor to a fresh salad bar piece of lawn. I also give them free choice garden veggies like spinach and kale which makes for amazing eggs!


2 thoughts on “Raising Quail In The Suburbs”

    • These Quail are Japanese jumbo Coturnix. Quail need extra protein to lay everyday so they are always fed “Chick start” – the brand I use is non-gmo from Sunrise farms in Virginia. I am working on Quail Tractor 2.0!

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