Suburban Permaculture 20 miles from Washington DC

Videos I learn from

These are free videos I have watched over and over.  Crazy good examples of everything you want to know!

Geoff Lawton Video’s.  Here are some of my favorites:

Perennial Abundance – Tour of Eric Toensmeir’s and Johnathan Bate’s  legendary  1/10th of an acre property in cold climate Massachusetts with over 200 perennial vegetable crops.

BioGas System:  Example of a working biodigester  generating and providing enough cooking gas for a 4-person family.  Fascinating!

The $500 House.  Do you know about Natural Building materials like Cob?  Cob = sand, clay and straw and makes an earthen substitute for concrete.  It’s also breathable and can last hundreds of years!

The Property Purchase Checklist:   If you are looking for land or thinking about purchasing property, what are some of the things you should look for?  More importantly in what order or priority should these criteria place on your evaluation of the property.  For me the first three are 1) Water 2) Access 3) house / structures  –

Chicken Tractor on Steroids.  Want to raise chickens and not buy food plus get all the amazing compost you could ever want at the same time?

Advanced Cell Grazing.  Really awesome rotational grazing system.  Keeping animals on a particular pasture too long can destroy the land, also not putting animals on pasture can also ruin it.  The solution is pulsing animals on the pasture for a specific amount of time where they can manure it and stomp in some organic matter (pasture grass or other biomass) to feed microbes and other soil life.  This done properly will dramatically improve the soil and produce not only more plants but better plants.

Permaculture Profit. A fantastic example of broad acre permaculture with the legendary  Mark Shephard.

Paul Wheaton:

Hugelkultur – Want to plant a garden that will require no irrigation for 20 years?  Here is the article with many video examples.

Rocket Mass Heaters – Want to heat your house with 1/10th the wood that you are currently putting in your woodstove?  Great article with lots of video examples.

Permaculture Voices:

Multi-Species Livestock Grazing on Leased Land by Greg Judy.  My favorite!

$80K on Half an Acre Farming Vegetables  on your neighbors lawns by Curtis Stone.

Designing your Perennial Farm – Restoration Agriculture with Mark Shepard

White Oak Pastures with Will Harris – The largest scale example of permaculture in America –Three Thousand Acres. Fantastic!

Plant family identification  – Botany in a Day Tutorial (46 mins) The Patterns Method of Plant Identification by Thomas J. Elpel :

*This page is still under construction and I add more resources all the time.