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The Winter Quail Condo

Some birds fly south for the winter, my quail take a short trip to the garage and spend winter in the Quail Condo.  It’s a 4-tier setup with each level having water, food, dust bath, free choice oyster shell. This was all custom built by me and my laughable carpentry skills!  The garage is unheated but it stays above freezing.

The design starts with the cement mixing tubs which are cheap and easy to get at any big box store.  I fill the tubs with wood shavings and they catch the quail droppings and lock up any smell. About every 2 weeks I slide the tub out, dump in the compost, refill with some wood shavings, so easy!   There are 6 quail (5 females, 1 male) on each level.

They get fed non-gmo, organic Quail feed with free choice greens from my winter garden like Kale.  In the summer they are tractored in my backyard on fresh grass and free choice Aquaponic Duckweed  (duckweed does not grow well in the colder months so they get other greens). 


Quail feeder – 4 inch pvc.

That’s a 4-inch PVC pipe made into a quail feeder. Feeder hung outside the enclosure to give them more room, reduce spillage/waste (they are messy eaters), and keep them from pooing in it.

Love these Quail waterers!  When they are thirsty, they dip their beaks in the orange cup and that moves the little yellow lever which puts  a little more water in the cup.  No spilling and no wasted water!   This connects up to a 5-gallon bucket and is gravity fed.

5-Gallon water bucket gravity flow to the quail waterers.

The Quail Condo dust bath.  They love this thing,  kinda like a Jacuzzi for a Quail.. It’s just filled with sand, they jump in and become little quail tornadoes.

Here is a close up shot of the wood shavings underneath each enclosure catching the droppings and preventing any smell. Nitrogen and Carbon ready to compost.

Set of Christmas lights on a timer for 14 hours a day.  This keeps them laying amazing Quail Eggs!  Without supplementing light, they stop laying in the winter months.Each egg is an individual work of art.  Sometimes I marvel at how amazingly gorgeous they are!

Quail Egg Scissors make quick work of quail eggs.

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